Hi, welcome to Nicola May!

Sit down & grab a cuppa whilst I try my best to condense a very long story into a short one.

First of all welcome to my website. My name is Nicola (*waves hello!) and I started my small business way back in November 2012. I started off hosting shopping evenings in my lounge to showcase my range of handbags and accessories to my friends and family. I also created a facebook page and would mostly sell to local customers who would come to collect from my home. Over time as I got busier we decided to open our own little shop which we opened in May 2013. Over the course of the next few years we expanded into ladies fashion clothing and subsequently we moved to a much bigger shop.

In the summer of 2018 I gave up the shop to move the business back home. My husband built me a little timber cabin which became my 'shop'. I opened up to customers 3 days a week and I had a late night shopping evening once a month...it was great and customers loved it!

In 2020 as we all know the pandemic hit which made things very difficult to trade. I had a lot of stock that needed selling so I started doing facebook videos to show my wares. Customers would order though facebook and collect from my doorstep or have things posted out. In 2021 I decided I needed to have a proper website in order to make things a lot easier for customers to buy, plus I could reach more people this way, and so this website was launched in the summer '21. Later on that year,  as more and more customers were buying online I decided to close my little cabin for good and take the business 100% online......BEST. DECISION. EVER! 

In 2022 I finished on the clothing to specialise in my first love of BAGS. Since then I have carved out a pretty niche offering, positioning my little business as the go-to brand for quality Italian leather bags at affordable prices.

We now have a business where we specialise in Italian Leather bags, mostly crossbody style, and all designed with quality, functionality and durability in mind. We offer a choice of plain styles OR you can bundle up with co-ordinating straps which are practical in use yet incredibly fashion worthy of your wardrobe.

If you've read this far then well flipping done! and of course thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you love the website and the products on offer and if you have any questions then feel free to shoot them through via the form below!

Love Nicola xx


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